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So after a small hiatus from shooting and a couple of important life events my fashion team and I reunited. We’ve been loosely planning this halloween shoot, to just have fun for about 4 months and we did it up. All of us gathered yesterday morning, put the puzzle pieces together and headed out to Historic Elmwood Cemetery.  The real challenge with this shoot was how to photograph in a cemetery and not have it look like every other “fashion cemetery shoot”. Our team dug deep, and gave ourselves the permission and the time to really explore what this meant. I feel like the images that resulted fully realized our goals and then some. They (this one specifically) are beautiful, timeless, and perhaps a bit unsettling. We weren’t going for gore but that subtle offness which really comes across. All Manipulations were done in the camera, some of these were shot in my studio. Stay tuned for a few more from our adventures.

Hair: Erica Dubroy

Make-up: Hannah Price

Model: Jen Emmerling




A huge storm hit my neighborhood tonight, luckily it seems like everyone is ok but it still looks pretty crazy!

The Streets

Looking over some old stuff, I found this blog post that I made from 2008. This rough winter makes it easy to become frustrated and tired with this city. This was a little pick me up for me, perhaps, if you are suffering from the Detroit winter blues, it may help you out too.

It’s late at night and i’m sitting on my balcony, thinking about how i love seeing the stars.
I can’t tonight, like most nights, the city lights stamp them out. However, i can hear the wind blowing through the trees and that is comforting. I hear the rumble of cars on 94, sirens in the distance, and even a few rouge gunshots. When it rains I hear it drip between the houses, and i can watch my neighbors eat dinner from my kitchen, as well as hear when their phone rings, all these thoughts make me feel at home.

The Streets,
always moving, never pausing, ferocious at times, giving at others.
I’ve seen everything in Detroit, wandered down every alley, all hours of the day.
I’ve seen defecation, procreation, overwhelming grief, death and life. I’ve seen love, people starting over, and people giving up.
These streets are real, they are honest, they are bent, broken and reborn.

People live in detroit, there is not time or room, for glamour, or facade. this is you, this is me, we are equal, we are one.

But not always.

For all the bad there is equal, good.
In our community, people here are trying to fight, with our dire circumstances, trying to live, and help others live. People believe, and I believe, that we are fighting against odds, and we will overcome, and we will celebrate our own victories.

For every stranger i make smile, to the building recently rehabbed across the street, we will celebrate, together.

I love Detroit with every fiber of my body. When i need it, it’s there, moving, breathing, it sits beside me, and we are one. The sounds of the city and I, my late night lullaby.


March 2013

Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue

OCD PROM! Christmas edition…. I spiked the punch…

Camping and Carhartt adds

It rained the whole time… never got above 45 degrees and we still had a blast.

I feel like sharing some stuff.. It’s been awhile…I’ve been doing so much work.. nice to reflect on it.

Here are shots of when the famous graffiti artists Revok and Rime came and painted the facade of Omnicorp Detroit (the collective art/studio/hackerspace I am a part of)


Uncle Joe telling us stories